Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I've been slacking this week.

omg omg omg so f***ing busy at the moment but I can't be slacking with the good ol blog. Did a fab shoot with the so so so lovely Jill on Monday. Photees to come shortly as I haven't even had time to look at them properly. Here she is getting her hair done by the most amazing hairdresser on the planet, Marjorie. Makeup by the fab Lara Ford. Tuesday morning (really fucking early) I had to do a shoot in Enniskerry which was fine except for the fact that I somehow managed to really fuck up my back on Monday and so I was in so much pain trying to lift my equipment (and move in general) its still really sore but better. Today it was off to Palmerstown House for a shoot for VIP Mag in shops near you soon!
I am so wrecked.
Good night.

Monday, January 29, 2007

more photees from Saturday

Saturday Naaahht post by Una

Sing Star 80s after we got 'secret' take out in Isoldes (why am I drinking Bulmers? who knows)
with Damien Lazarus and DJ Koze.

Lluther * Moth Complex at The Village

went to check out Sarah's new band Lluther supported by the amazing Moth Complex at the Village on Saturday nite. was extremely impressed by both sets will upload a a vid of Agents of Empire when I get a chance. But for now here are some photees.

Marcel from Die Kruppos (omg)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Me in IMAGE Magazine


(click to read)

wreck the gaff

is what we did last nite at antics. I heart antics. so much fun. perhaps too much fun for a school night.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Monday, January 22, 2007


Image Hosted by
if you don't know Candy* online magazine, well you definitely should.
I was asked to feature in their next issue so watch this space.
here's Candy issue 4 (The Shopping Issue) which also features a bit about me.
Candy Issue 4
And here are all past issues.
6: The Craft Issue.
5: The Obsessive Impulsive Issue 2
5: The Obsessive Impulsive Issue 1
4: The Shopping Issue
3: The TechnoLogic Issue
2: The Spirit of Independents Issue
1: The Premiere Issue

last week

makeup by LA Make Up Academy
hair by Amee Murphy

last night = danger bay.

met up with Corina and Burco to make up for our lack of goingoutness on Saturday night (all Una's fault) Corina was on a mission to buy Sing Star 80s (which we did) and then went for dins in Steps of Rome. we then headed to meet Anthony and some other heads for a few drinks and then back to Party Central (Corina's gaff) for some hardcore kareoke fun (and sushi and vodka and beer) we then went to Isolde's Tower (now the Cheque Inn) and we then got kicked out of Isolde's Tower for insisting on dancing on the chairs to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. bold. It was then off to Sin which was TOTALLY packed. I didn't know Sin was so happenin on a Sunday. There we bumped into lovely Aoibhinn who was out with all The Panel dudes who were very lovely. Chilled in the VIP section for a while and then (this is the last then I promise) went to the Viper Room. I got home way too late (early?)

Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm back!

great to be back to work (aaargh so busy!- which is a good thing) Got back on Monday night and after only 3 hrs sleep had to do a shoot in Monaghan the next day. All went well thankfully and I didn't collapse from tiredness. Got back home late that night and yet again had to shoot the next morning after only a few hours sleep. Poor Isabel the makeup artist was dying as well (she was the one that drove us up to Monaghan the day before) Survived the day again and then me and Ian met up with Burco and Una and the Killer in the Mezz which was nice until some band started playing REALLY loud random covers which was annoying so we went to Brogans where we also met Roisin. I have photees because Ian got me a cute little compact camera for christmas yaysies now I can take photees EVERYWHERE. Thurs nite met up with Ro and Mags and Corina in the Globe which was also nice as haven't seen them all in aaaaaages. Have been workin all day today also and I'm sooooooooooo tired so haven't gone out to Kennedy's to Killian's gig even though I really wanted to.
ps. I joined the newly opened gym by my gaff. it's hot and has a massive pool and jacuzzi.

Killian and Ian

Mullally, Roisin et moi

Una me and Burco

Corina and Iany

me and Co

Mags and Ro


hair and makeup by Isabel


hair and makeup by Isabel

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Things I don't like today:
-packing (just hate it! I keep stressing that I'm forgetting stuff)
-doing my tax returns (gggrrrrrr. imagine being an accountant. how gross.)
-not being able to pig out on my mum's birthday cake because I'm trying to be 'healthy'
-macro extension ring not being able to autofocus (even though the man in the shop said it would- so annoying!)
-my stupid headache that will actually never go away I don't think.
-German TV (not that I ever liked it before. It's the biggest pile of crap I've ever seen.
-Shops in Germany being closed on Sunday (but during the week they are open till 10. who goes clothes shopping at 10pm!!!)

Things I like today:
Deutschland sucht den Superstar
(German PopIdol- awesome!)

Check out this guy: