Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm back!

great to be back to work (aaargh so busy!- which is a good thing) Got back on Monday night and after only 3 hrs sleep had to do a shoot in Monaghan the next day. All went well thankfully and I didn't collapse from tiredness. Got back home late that night and yet again had to shoot the next morning after only a few hours sleep. Poor Isabel the makeup artist was dying as well (she was the one that drove us up to Monaghan the day before) Survived the day again and then me and Ian met up with Burco and Una and the Killer in the Mezz which was nice until some band started playing REALLY loud random covers which was annoying so we went to Brogans where we also met Roisin. I have photees because Ian got me a cute little compact camera for christmas yaysies now I can take photees EVERYWHERE. Thurs nite met up with Ro and Mags and Corina in the Globe which was also nice as haven't seen them all in aaaaaages. Have been workin all day today also and I'm sooooooooooo tired so haven't gone out to Kennedy's to Killian's gig even though I really wanted to.
ps. I joined the newly opened gym by my gaff. it's hot and has a massive pool and jacuzzi.

Killian and Ian

Mullally, Roisin et moi

Una me and Burco

Corina and Iany

me and Co

Mags and Ro

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