Monday, January 22, 2007

last night = danger bay.

met up with Corina and Burco to make up for our lack of goingoutness on Saturday night (all Una's fault) Corina was on a mission to buy Sing Star 80s (which we did) and then went for dins in Steps of Rome. we then headed to meet Anthony and some other heads for a few drinks and then back to Party Central (Corina's gaff) for some hardcore kareoke fun (and sushi and vodka and beer) we then went to Isolde's Tower (now the Cheque Inn) and we then got kicked out of Isolde's Tower for insisting on dancing on the chairs to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. bold. It was then off to Sin which was TOTALLY packed. I didn't know Sin was so happenin on a Sunday. There we bumped into lovely Aoibhinn who was out with all The Panel dudes who were very lovely. Chilled in the VIP section for a while and then (this is the last then I promise) went to the Viper Room. I got home way too late (early?)

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