Monday, December 31, 2007


U Magazine shoot which I shot a few weeks ago at the ice rink in Smithfield. Was very fun. Tried to create a fun young shoot this time, rather than anything too high fashion. Am very happy with it. Thank god the girls could ice skate.. They were great on the ice! well done! We went skating ourselves after... We only lasted 10 mins on the ice.. we were extrememly tired after a long days's shoot (is our excuse) oh, and the skates really hurt.

styled by Corina Gaffey
Make Up by Lara Ford
Hair by Aimee Murphy
Models Alexa at 1st Option and Felicia at Assets

Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007... Best of.. My Year in Review

"PARTY TIME" - Sunday Independent Life Mag shot at SPY with Portia @ 1st Option and styled by Corina.

"Girls Aloud" - Shoot for The Sunday Tribune Review featuring MayKay Fight Like Apes, Niamh Ham Sandwich, Grainne Cap Pas Cap and Donna Stagger Lee, shot in Lilly's Library Bar.

Photoshoot location

haven't really shot anywhere TOO exciting I must say.. Lough Rynn was nice.

Crazy Shoot
Shooting Emma Quinlan and her snakes in my studio. MENTAL.

Jude (1st Option)
Chloe Arnold (Assets Models)
Rachel Montague (1st Option)

Commerical model
Martha (Morgan the Agency)
Baiba (Assets Models)

New Face
Emma M (1st Option)
Portia (1st Option)
L'Or (Morgan the Agency)
Felicia (Assets Models)

Male Model

Brian (Assets)
Shane Lennon - Mr. Limerick (Holman Lee Agency)

Corina Gaffey

Make Up Artist
Lara Ford
Lynn McKenna

Make Up & Hair
Isabel Perez

Hair Stylist
Marjorie Mongan
Aimee Murphy

Gig.. this is hard.
Ash @ The Music Centre
Maximo Park @ The Music Centre
Delorentos @ Radio City& Ambassador
Arcade Fire @ The Olympia
Iggy Pop at Electric Picnic

Electric Picnic and Cois Fharraige was fun too!

Gig I'm sooo pissed off I missed
Ash @ The Ambassador

Photoshoot with ALEK WEK (omg.)
Regulary shooting for Irish Tatler and The Sunday Tribune.
Fashion editorials in LIFE Magazine, U Magazine, VIP Magazine, Candy, Galway/Cork/Limerick Now, Sunday World Magazine, Temple Bar Magazine etc.
Shooting music for STATE magazine (out sooooon)
Art Dublin Exhibition in BT2
Hard Working Class Heroes Exhibition in The Pod

Celebrity shoot
Alek Wek for Sunday Tribune
Blathnaid McKenna Miss Ireland for VIP Magazine
Ireland's Top Models Glenda Gilson, Andrea Roche, Rosanna Davison, Sarah Morrissey, Aoife Cogan etc.

Red Wine!!

Yamamori (on George's St)

night out
all those Remedy nights in the Music Centre...with Sing Star after. You can't beat that!

Big Brother, America's Next Top Model

DVD Box set
24 . Finally finished season 6 and I have withdrawl symptons.
Where is Jack Bauer

Daily Blog roll
Bscene Social
Toni Rockin' Socks
Lara Ford Make Up Artist
Corina's Style Action
Jim Carroll (On The Record)

Foto Decadent

Upcoming Photee takers who will soon steal my job
Toni Ireton
Ronan Johns

Katy RIP
Shutter going on my D2X (twice!)
Missing loads of various gigs/jobs/night outs etc. as a result of being abroad

meeting Jarvis Cocker while standing on stage watching the Beastie Boys. AWESOME!
Scuba diving with Iany in Mallorca

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

If anyone wants a feel of what the Delo Ambassador gig was like..

just check out these vids. .


Germania studio is all go!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Delorentos live at the Ambassador (ACHTUNG!! LOTS OF PHOTEEES)

Here are the rest of the shots from Delos gig at the Ambassador.. Didn't have time to upload them until now. Would love to see more photees from the gig.. Did anyone else take any?
Is everyone enjoying their time off? How was the Turkey?
I don't celebrate Christmas... so I didn't have Turkey. So I am jealous of all you people who had Turkey. I said Turkey way too many times. Turkey. mmmmm.

For fashionista's only

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This is the new facebook/bebo/myspace

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays

To anyone who won't be near a computer till after the holidays, enjoy the time off and be safe. To everyone else, I shall still be updating the blog so check in every once in a while and say hi.

lots of love

Misslili x x

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Here are some shots I took of one of my idols Alek Wek a few weeks back. I was so nervous. She is such a big world supermodel and what if my pics are shit? I mean, if I manage to make Alek look bad then that definitley means I am the worst photographer in the whole wide world. How can anyone make her look bad, she is just so beautiful. So anyway, I am not too happy with these shots as a whole, but keep reminding myself that these were just press shots, rather than a high fashion shoot. I had about 2 mins. I still think she has something very powerful in her eyes in the first shot, and I love her laugh in the second shot. I just wish I had done something more.. I don't really know what. Hopefully there will be a next time.