Monday, December 31, 2007


U Magazine shoot which I shot a few weeks ago at the ice rink in Smithfield. Was very fun. Tried to create a fun young shoot this time, rather than anything too high fashion. Am very happy with it. Thank god the girls could ice skate.. They were great on the ice! well done! We went skating ourselves after... We only lasted 10 mins on the ice.. we were extrememly tired after a long days's shoot (is our excuse) oh, and the skates really hurt.

styled by Corina Gaffey
Make Up by Lara Ford
Hair by Aimee Murphy
Models Alexa at 1st Option and Felicia at Assets


Nay said...

Oooh, thought I was the only person to get iffy sore feet from the skates at Smithfield ice rink. They bloody hurt, eh?

(I am jealous of my kids. Sarbear watched Ice Princess so many times she knew exactly what to do with her feet. She was like a little foal standing on shaky legs, galloping around the rink two minutes later. Aww!)

john said...

what's that Alexa girl's full name. She has a pretty face. :)