Sunday, September 30, 2007

CODES at The Sugar Club last night.

Would have perhaps had more photees (good ones) but the lads only played for about half an hour which was a little bit disapointing. They are fucking brilliant all the same.

Betamax Format at HWCH last night.

Hang Sangwich at HWCH last nite


Saturday, September 29, 2007


last night at Hard Working Class Heroes.
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CODES - Sugar Club tonight.

I cannot stress enough how amazing this band is. They contacted me a few years ago (probably 3 I think?!) To do a promo shoot. I have been slightly obsessed with their music ever since. And the thing is, they keep getting better and better (I don't quite know how this is possible..)
Do buy their single 'Edith' which features my artwork on the cover. And do check them out tonight at The Sugar Club. They are one of the best Irish bands around at the moment.

Loaded: Hard Working Class Heroes have much more than music

From the Irish Independent yesterday.

One of the more interesting features about this weekend's Hard Working Class Heroes festival is the extensive rock photography exhibition which will be shown in the Pod Complex. Featuring the work of a slew of dedicated music photographers, the piece de resistance is the Irish premiere of the Rolling Stones tour diary from 1975. It's the moment when the band was at its most potent in concert and the shots come courtesy of Getty Images.

There are also selected photographs from Irish photographer Roger Woolman, who has been making a splash internationally over the past decade.

Among the other photographers exhibited are pieces from the super-talented Israli-born, Dublin-based Lili Forberg. To get an idea of her work, take a look at

- John Meagher

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Journey to the bottom of the salty sea - guest post by Iany

It might surprise those aware of my past as a pirate, to learn of my fear for the salty sea. But if my feet couldn't touch the bottom, I tended to panic a bit.
That all changed today however with my first scuba dive.
I wanted to use the fact that I was recovering from a vicious and unprovoked attack from a jelly fish about the size of a house as a get out, but I had to redeem myself after wussing out of the boomerang in Aqualand.

So we preceeded silently to the dive centre, where we were greeted by Olivier our instructor, who in soothing tones explained about bursting lungs, poisenous fish and all the joys of the deep.
He did however seem like a safe pair of hands and I felt our chances of survival improve to about 90%. After Olivier talked us through the process of diving we were given our flippers, our wet suits and our gas tanks with floatation jackets (all of which weighs 20 KGs!!)
He showed us how to breathe and how to inflate and deflate the jacket to rise and sink into the water. He also explained all the important hand signals for "is everything ok?", "how much air is left in your tank?" or the thumb up signal for "GET ME OUT FAST!"
We both looked like hot mommas in our wet suits. for sure. Although I think I looked like a sock full of potatoes.
We waddled into the sea and put on our flippers. At this point I was definitely shitting myself because I knew I had reached the point of no return.
We put in our breathing mouth piece thingy (the technicalities are really important) and followed Olivier into the depth of the salty sea.
The feeling of being submerged is the most incredible weightless exciting bizarre sensation in the world.

We got the hang of it pretty quick although at one stage Lil was humping the instructor's leg. He took us down deeper and deeper and it was at 11 metres when we all turned unto our backs and looked up to the surface that I realised how deep we actually were.
Totally amazing. We saw some nice fishies too. I like fishies.

At that moment, my fear of deep water disappeared, well sort of. I am still afraid of what's in the water; jelly fish, sting rays, electric eels, sharks, killer whales, giant squid, Sea Grisslies..................

Monday, September 24, 2007

its finally so so so so sunny today

yipppy!!! i heart sun.
Spent the whole morning at the Beach so my tan is coming along quite well. I finally wore my goggles today so I saw all the little fishies around me. Cutesies!

this is The Boomerang, the crazy scary ride we went on yesterday in Aqualand in Magaluf. I thought we were going to go over the edge many a times. But we didn't thankfully.
I am becoming more and more amazing at pool. Must play more when I get back to dublin.
I think later we might head go kart racing. I have never done it before so I am sure it will be funsies.
Siesta time!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

we're half way through our holiday already boooo! could've stayed for longer! the beach is so much funsies even though there was one tiny jellyfish and poor Iany got stung by the mean fecker. But it wasn't too bad.

We had the yummiest seafood grill mmmmmmmmmm. actually everything tastes good at this stage because the food at our hotel is so so gross. Nasty McGross.
Iany found a sticker in his paella today. But the waiter said we didn't win a prize.

We went to Aqualand today which was so much fun. There was a ride called the Boomerang which was actually very scary. Poor iany almost had a heart attack. I wanted to do it again but he didn't want to.
Then when we were done it started PISSING rain like crazy.

I am basically kicking Iany's ass in pool and ping pong. CHAMPION!
I am feeling a bit nervous about scuba diving on Tuesday. I went snorkling again today and didn't like it at all. I felt panicky or something.

Sangria is calling! byesies!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Mallorca!! day 1

It is cloudy today which is so sucky but still very warm. I am going scuba diving on Tuesday. So excited. have always wanted to go so yaysies!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Aleesha B

new face at Assets Aleesha was brilliant to work with. If you saw her contact sheets you'd know what I mean, kept moving around all the time, changing her poses and trying new things. I never really had to direct her or tell her to do anything. My advice for new models would be to just move around during a shoot and try different poses. Even if you think you don't know how to pose, just try. Sometimes a model herself knows better what kind of pose makes her feel comfortable rather than me trying to direct her to do something and then it looks awkward.
Move your head even slighty after each frame, so that no two frames look the same. After a while it will come naturally. I love when a photoshoot has a flow to it, I click the model moves, I click again and the model moves again. Even just slight movements can make a huge difference to the shot and can make the difference between a good shot and an amazing shot.

here's me when I went flying. funsies!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hard Working Class Heroes Photography Exhibition

To celebrate its 5th Birthday this year's Hard Working Class Heroes Festival, in association with Bud Rising, will include an International Photography Exhibtion in The POD complex.

28th - 30th September

Time: 10.00 - 17.00
Admission: FREE
Festival Tickets: €17.50 (one-day) / €33.60 (3-day).

Expanding on their impressive line-up of events Hard Working Class Heroes have announced a special Photography Exhibition in The Pod Complex. The exhibition will be open to public, as well as festival goers, on 29th and 30th September from 10.00 - 17.00, and will include work from established music photographers, up-and-coming new artists and a few very surprising names.


'The Rolling Stones: An Unseen Diary' will feature the outstanding work of Christopher Simon Sykes. In 1975, Sykes was commissioned by the Rolling Stones to document the on-stage and backstage action of what was then the largest tour ever mounted, their T.O.T.A (Tour of the Americas). For three months Sykes lived and toured with the Stones, hanging out with them in their hotel rooms, at the venues and on their plane (The Starship). The result? A confidential yet objective vantage point which captures the intimacy of the band's dymanic and portrays the electric of these groundbreaking concerts.

'Visions Of Dylan' is an exclusive exhibition of photographs taken by a select number of well-known Bob Dylan fans. The photos,from amauter snappers such as Ronnie Wood, Patti Smith, Bryan Adams, Tracey Emin, Kate Nash and Lily Cole, will also be available to view online for two weeks. The prints will then be auctioned online, with 100% of profits going to the War Child charity (as chosen by Bob Dylan).

Roger Woolman (AKA The Music Photographer) will head up the Irish and Scandanavian side of the exhibition. For the last decade, Roger has been the leading eye of Ireland's rock photography scene. His client list is a Who's Who of the music industry, including Rolling Stone, EMI, Sony, NME and the BBC.

Roger's work will sit alongside that of emerging photographers based in Ireland and Scandinavia displaying the best of contemporary music
photography from:
Mark Duggan
Dan Dennison
Lili Forberg (YAAAAAAAAAY!)
James Goulden
JP Keating
Dave Kennedy
Aisling O'Neill
Alan Maguire
Loreana Rushe
Shawna Scott
Davey Sexton
Rosanna Wilisoo (Helsingborg, Sweden)

There are plenty of other treats and surprises in store so be sure to keep
an eye on for more details.

Make Up and Hair looks from Lough Rynn

Can't really see them properly in the actual shoot as some of the shots are quite wide so I thought I'd put these out there. Model is Alex from Bscene The Agency. She is only 16 and she rocked!
Hair and Make Up by Isabel Perez. Styled by Corina who also put up the pics from the Irish Times editorial shot in Lough Rynn.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lough Rynn Fashion shoot

found out today that there was a fashion shoot shot in Lough Rynn Castle Hotel in the Irish Times today featuring Sarah Morrissey. A few weeks ago me and Corina did a shoot there and now it looks like we copied them even though we so didn't. appearantly they even used the same locations as us ( I haven't seen the shoot, does anyone have it?) I hear it's very good.
Well anyway- here's our shoot, I wonder who was there first!

styled by Corina Gaffey
make up and hair by Isabel Perez
Model Alex at Bscene The Agency