Monday, September 24, 2007

its finally so so so so sunny today

yipppy!!! i heart sun.
Spent the whole morning at the Beach so my tan is coming along quite well. I finally wore my goggles today so I saw all the little fishies around me. Cutesies!

this is The Boomerang, the crazy scary ride we went on yesterday in Aqualand in Magaluf. I thought we were going to go over the edge many a times. But we didn't thankfully.
I am becoming more and more amazing at pool. Must play more when I get back to dublin.
I think later we might head go kart racing. I have never done it before so I am sure it will be funsies.
Siesta time!


Rojo said...

Oh my god, I went on the boomerang!!! That was scary!! I thought it was gonna topple over when I was on it... :-/

UnaRocks said...

That looks so scary. I could never do it.

Let's play pool when you get home, you NEVER want to play (although remember the days of the mini pool table in Christchurch? Amazing.)

Miss you xxx

Omar Cruz said...
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