Sunday, September 23, 2007

we're half way through our holiday already boooo! could've stayed for longer! the beach is so much funsies even though there was one tiny jellyfish and poor Iany got stung by the mean fecker. But it wasn't too bad.

We had the yummiest seafood grill mmmmmmmmmm. actually everything tastes good at this stage because the food at our hotel is so so gross. Nasty McGross.
Iany found a sticker in his paella today. But the waiter said we didn't win a prize.

We went to Aqualand today which was so much fun. There was a ride called the Boomerang which was actually very scary. Poor iany almost had a heart attack. I wanted to do it again but he didn't want to.
Then when we were done it started PISSING rain like crazy.

I am basically kicking Iany's ass in pool and ping pong. CHAMPION!
I am feeling a bit nervous about scuba diving on Tuesday. I went snorkling again today and didn't like it at all. I felt panicky or something.

Sangria is calling! byesies!


UnaRocks said...

awww, looks like so much funsies!

Lara Ford Makeup said...

good luck with the scuba diving!!youll do great.Its meant to be amazing.wish I did it in malta.really regret it now that I didnt. :)

Eamo said...

Hey lilster, you may have bet him in pool but he would totally win a levatating competition judging by that fourth picture. cant believe he got stung by a jellyfish, only iany. way to go bro! (dingus)