Saturday, September 29, 2007

Loaded: Hard Working Class Heroes have much more than music

From the Irish Independent yesterday.

One of the more interesting features about this weekend's Hard Working Class Heroes festival is the extensive rock photography exhibition which will be shown in the Pod Complex. Featuring the work of a slew of dedicated music photographers, the piece de resistance is the Irish premiere of the Rolling Stones tour diary from 1975. It's the moment when the band was at its most potent in concert and the shots come courtesy of Getty Images.

There are also selected photographs from Irish photographer Roger Woolman, who has been making a splash internationally over the past decade.

Among the other photographers exhibited are pieces from the super-talented Israli-born, Dublin-based Lili Forberg. To get an idea of her work, take a look at

- John Meagher


Nay said...

Whoo, nice one!!
Hope you had a good night. Good to see ya :)

MissLili said...

yes brilliant night! And hopefully an even better one tonight! See ya there!

Rojo said...

Went in after work yesterday (8.15) to check your shizzle out! Good stuff!!! Might see you tonight.. Too many things are happening this weekend... GRR! My friend's band, The Black Tokens, are playing tonight. They were the support from the ASH gig in june!

MissLili said...

AND Codes in the Sugar Club!!