Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Aleesha B

new face at Assets Aleesha was brilliant to work with. If you saw her contact sheets you'd know what I mean, kept moving around all the time, changing her poses and trying new things. I never really had to direct her or tell her to do anything. My advice for new models would be to just move around during a shoot and try different poses. Even if you think you don't know how to pose, just try. Sometimes a model herself knows better what kind of pose makes her feel comfortable rather than me trying to direct her to do something and then it looks awkward.
Move your head even slighty after each frame, so that no two frames look the same. After a while it will come naturally. I love when a photoshoot has a flow to it, I click the model moves, I click again and the model moves again. Even just slight movements can make a huge difference to the shot and can make the difference between a good shot and an amazing shot.

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