Sunday, January 14, 2007


Things I don't like today:
-packing (just hate it! I keep stressing that I'm forgetting stuff)
-doing my tax returns (gggrrrrrr. imagine being an accountant. how gross.)
-not being able to pig out on my mum's birthday cake because I'm trying to be 'healthy'
-macro extension ring not being able to autofocus (even though the man in the shop said it would- so annoying!)
-my stupid headache that will actually never go away I don't think.
-German TV (not that I ever liked it before. It's the biggest pile of crap I've ever seen.
-Shops in Germany being closed on Sunday (but during the week they are open till 10. who goes clothes shopping at 10pm!!!)

Things I like today:
Deutschland sucht den Superstar
(German PopIdol- awesome!)

Check out this guy:

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Ronan Johns said...

I thought he was gonna be amazing!! I was like "ok ok, he's a bit of a freak... but that's why he's gonna be deadly!!"

It was gas that his mam brought him..