Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I first shot Laura last year for my ArtDublin project and thought she was sooo beautiful. Pitty she doesn't live in Dublin as she would be getting so much more work.
On a different note, I have had to start putting a watermark on my images now as people have been stealing them (journalists stealing off bebo and publishing them in the papers - whats that about) If you'd like to use my images, please contact me. Otherwise, you are welcome to steal away but don't think you won't be receiving an invoice. I will find out one way or the other.


bscene said...

Well Said Lili...... they are always at robbing shots etc .... and loads of times I see your work with no credit given

Nay said...

Fair play for calling the shots but it's really unfair to have to watermark. Nicked photos are a stupid move in such an intimate country as Ireland.
Hope that's the last of it for you...