Tuesday, August 14, 2007

keeping with the red head theme this week

how gorgeous is Cork based model Lisa? I guess Lily Cole started the whole redhead trend and Ireland is catching on. I love redheads, esp with long amazing natural red hair. But there aren't that many red head models out there. We need more. Any red head reading this and thinks she could be a model, give me a shout!

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com
Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com


Anonymous said...

Lisa is fab, what a smile too!

I am a red head and am currently looking to get into modelling.

I can send you pics or if you can contact me on sugarmurphy2@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you

Anonymous said...

contact irish.kayla@yahoo.ca

ill show you lovely pictures. :) ty.

Rosie Red Head said...


I'm a red head, with freckles too =] my friends think im beautiful, please contact me i will send you pictures

Anonymous said...

hi im a natural red head and i would LOVE to get into modelling. but....i live in London :( if you ever end up in London my mail is NEONrobot@yahoo.com :)

Anonymous said...

Im a natural red head,with green eyes would love too go into modeling but im quite petite
email is xhailyx@hotmail.co.uk
if u wana get bak to me! :)

Anonymous said...

hey im a redhead and im hot i could prob model im a bit short im only 5'6 but ya my emial is klbothen@aol.com

ChanelpradaHH23 said...

Hi, Im a a unique redhead. My whole family is blonde and im the only redhead in my family and from california! I have a special natural red color that everybody seems to find different and love. My eyes are deep Aqua and I have always had a passion to model and act. I have also won several beauty pageants.

Shelly Hays
Please give me a chance im worth it!

Miranda G. said...

I'm a 17 year old redhead looking to be a model when I'm 18. People are always stopping me to tell me how beautiful my hair is.
I love it =]

You can contact me via email.

Please get back to me when convenient.

Anonymous said...

im a natural redhead =]

maybe you should give me a look and tell me what you think


if that doesnt help

Emily said...

I think that it's amazing that redheads are finally getting a face in the croud. I personally would love to be one of those. I am 22 and a natural redhead (and I love it). I am always hearing people tell me how beautiful I am and how georgous my hair is. I would be more than happy to send pics to see what a professional thinks.
If you could please get back with me when its is convenient for you.


Tonya said...

I have natural thick wavy red hair down past my waist and vibrant blue eyes. I was curious and doing research on redheads when I came across your blog. I have done some modeling before and would love to do more! I'd be happy to send you pics, if you're still interested in finding beautiful natural redheads to photograph. Happy New Year 2009!



hey girls thanks for all the comments. If you think you have what it takes (and are at least 5'7) please email me a picture of yourself (one of your face with little or no make up, and one full body shot) NO Professional pics pls


Anonymous said...

hey, i know some people that do modeling occassionally, and i have always wanted to do a bit myself. i didn't realise there were these kinds of opportunities for red heads :) just one question...do i need to be over a certain age to be in with a chance?
Rafferty Mckelvey x

Anonymous said...

hey, i know some people that do modeling occassionally, and i have always wanted to do a bit myself. i didn't realise there were these kinds of opportunities for red heads :) just one question...do i need to be over a certain age to be in with a chance?
Rafferty Mckelvey x

Anonymous said...

Hey im a natural Red head with a unique color, im kinda short to model but willing to show pictures :)
My name is Tia. Im currently 17.
My email is -

Chelsea said...

I'm an enhanced natural redhead, the hair runs in my family. I've already got a few shots for my book, if you're interested in looking at them please send me an email. cbsharpe11@transy.edu

Abbie said...

i think it is great that red heads are getting there faces out in the world.
i am only 14 but i have always wanted to do modeling nsince i was a little girl.
i have naturally red hair and as far as i am aware, im the only one in my family.
my hair has a spectrum of shades which i really like and i have green eyes.
i am about '5ft6-5ft7' and i have quite a toned curvy figure.
if anybody knows how o could get started.
please email me on crazy_babe_95@hotmail.co.uk
thanks, abbie

Jackie Frech said...

I am a natural redhead with long healthy red hair, tan skin, and looking to model! I just turned 24yrs, 125lbs, VERY RELIABLE & HARD WORKING.

Please contact me for more info and pictures. Jackie


Selma said...

*shout* hey you said to shout if a redhead was reading this and aspiring to be a model... :P


Anonymous said...

hey my names Emily Peck i have natural red hair and a pale complexion and very interested in modeling i have loads of pictures if you are interested i am 18 my eye colour matches my hair and i am slim built,

please contact me on red_headed_ninja@hotmail.co.uk haha xx

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey im a redhead and i hate it everyone is always teasing me and i dont get why people should be proud if all the rest of the world does is descriminate against them. i am pale with flat ginger hair and im sick of it but gingers cant dye their hair easiliy coz it shows through so if anyone knows a good brand just type another comment.