Monday, December 11, 2006

iceskating etc

Went Ice Skating in Smithfield on Saturday with the girls which was so much fun. Fell on my ass while trying to show off that I can twirl (I so can't, what was I thinking) We then all came back to mine for some yumsies mince pies (the M&S onces are just AMAZING) and we also made mulled wine (or gl├╝hwein as I know it) which was mmmmmm (all you need is cheap red wine, cloves, orange, lemon peel, sugar, cinammon, and ginger. easy peasy I must say. Stayed up late with the girls watching the BEST.MOVIE.OF.ALL.TIMES - EuroTrip. Get it on DVD!
Was asked to shoot Tenacious D (photees to follow) on Sunday eve which was good, then had to leg it off to Leixlip for Ian's Dads 60th Birthday dinner.
All good.
Happy Monday everyone


Ronan Johns said...

I wanna wear smelly, sweaty ice skates and go Iceskating! :(

MissLili said...

you should! its so much fun!!