Monday, April 04, 2005

comments on the pics so far.......

**these were posted on the LJ community foto_decadent . a community for published fashion photographs** this is the link:


Those are pretty creepy.



wow, weird.. the second one is creepy!! it scares me ^_^

Wonderful, very Renaissance portrait.

amazing, who took them?

what do they remind me of....
hey you know they look kind of alice in wonderland to me.....well childish in some way or something....very interesting images.

yes, alice in wonderland comes to mind... is that a picture of alice liddell around her neck in the second photo? and the queen of hearts in the first one, of course :)i'm doing a project on contemporary representations of alice (especially in fashion) right now actually, and it would be enormously helpful if you would let me know where those images came from/who the photographer was/etc. thank you so much.

No eyebrows on the second :[.

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