Monday, February 11, 2008


(Did you know that 'soes' is the new 'sies' ?)
I have been shortlisted in the Irish Blog Awards for the best photo blog category.
The rest of the shortlists are here.


corina said...


Neil said...

'soes' is the new 'sies' because 'o' is right beside 'i' on the keyboard isn't it?

toni ireton said...

congrates my lady... :)

Rojo said...

amazingoes kinda sounds like a cereal or something. :P Congrats!!! Be great to see ya win!

UnaRocks said...


No, I'm sorry. It doesn't work. SIES 4 LIFE!

emordino said...

Anything ending in -soes can only be read ina big dorty Dublin accent. It has my full support, at least until it drags me into an alleyway and threatens me with a syringe full of blood. THAT'S NOT COOL, -SOES

aoife mc said...

Congrats Lili, the only norwegian photographer I know. Just kidding :)
Congrats though, and best of luck!

David. said...

I'm with everyone (except mordino, who is just a tad odd)


Nay said...

Heya :)

Congrats with the shortlist! Delighted to see your name there but sure, there was no question...get in there and win it xx

(I quite like -soes! Perhaps it can be your -sies locum, giving the other one a bit of hiatius hibernation, to come back in 6 months all refreshed and ready to -sies the day once more. Ack, couldnt resist :p)