Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend of Randomness

I guess the weekend started on Thursday with drinkies in Keoghs (euughh I hate that place) Ian and I met up with Emma and Darren and Yoco and then Anto and Daragh and Rachel and Anastasia. Stayed there for a few drinks but then it got really annoying so we went over to Cocoon for some cocktails Cocoon was soooo dead which is mad for a thursday night. We then went to Bruxelles and drank jagerbombs. oh why.
(dont you just hate when you order Red Bull and they give you that crap 'Burn' drink instead? It tastes completley different why would they do that? Especially when they actually have Red Bull upstairs but are too lazy to get it. Grrrrrrrr.) So anyway, that was that.
On Friday Ian and I stayed in the Clarence for a night. I did a few jobs for the Clarence and so they gave me a free stay including dins how funsies! It was kinda weird cuz you could basically see our apartment from our hotel window. Saturday it was KKs birthday party in Lucan, was great to see everyone! Saturday night I had to work doing social pics in The Four Seasons at the Gold Cup Ball in aid of Fighting Blindness. Iany came out to help me which was great. Unexpectedly, they also sat us down in the ballroom for dinner. It was a little bit weird sitting there in my black work clothes while all the other ladies were wearing amazing ballgowns. Food was yummy though , Barberry duck breast for starters with pears and blue cheese and rocket salad, and rack of lamb for main. mmmmmm yumsies.

our lovely suite

this was our own private terrace. isnt the view amazing

we were bold and ordererd room service. 2 club sangwiches, 2 chips and 1 pot of tea = 50 squids!

Iany's quail starter

my yummy beef main course

Iany had Pigeon for his main. mm

Chocolate Moelleux



our lovely terrace

rack of lamb at Fighting for Blindness Ball


UnaRocks said...

you have just made me the hungriest person of all times. BOLDSIES.

Rojo said...

Very fancy!

John said...

Dammit, that looks good.

best of luck at the blog awards, btw.