Friday, February 01, 2008

It's Friday!

(I wrote this earlier but then my day went crazy for various different reasons)

So yay it's Friday (means nothing to me as am working all weekend) But still.
Spy tonight shall be fun- Damian Lazarus is playing (not that I know much about his music or anything- sure I don't even know the difference between techno/house/etc.) I do like Minimal funky house though (only joking Anthony) but anyway, last time Damian played the Music Centre I had a Kareoke sing off with him to 99 Luft Ballons. And then I beat everyone singing Vanilla Ice with my eyes closed. ICE ICE BABY.
On Saturday me and the girls are working in the studio and Saturday night I am taking pics at Ray Shah's 30th birthday party which should be fun. Sunday I have a shoot for State. Then the weekend is over :( Today I am shooting a member of Boyzone- funsies!

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Anonymous said...

Just out of interest, which Boyzoner were you taking photos of?