Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dublin Fashion Week

Called into Dublin Fashion week today to say hi to some of the lovely designers who kindly gave us clothes to use on our last Totally Dublin shoot. It was really nice as all of them had copies of our shoot in their showrooms and on their invites and the reaction to it was just amazing. It's just nice to hear back from the people responsible for the clothes from our shoots for once! Corina also managed to grab a few AMAZING pieces for our shoot on Friday so happy days! We then went to Yamamori for foodsies. yumsies. Right now I am the most tired person in the whole universe. Ever. Really wanted to go to the Harvey Nicks show this evening but I was way too tired.

Rachel modelling a lovely piece by Jennifer Rothwell ( I think. could be wrong at this stage though. I'm just about asleep)

Corina with all her 'shopping' - yeah she wishes. haha.


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