Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Have been so busy and don't even remember the last time I had a day off. Am working 7 days these days . . Weekend was good fun but very busy. Saturday after working all day in the studio, had to work at Ray Shah's 30th birthday party in Purty Kitchen. Lara came down with me to help me take names down (thanks hun) and then YoCo called up. We then headed up to Spy obviously to catch up with the lovely Rachel M (who was also at Rays party previously giving out yummy free Tiger beer.. mmmm) After Spy me and Lara got a taxi in 0.002 seconds. Which was amazing.

Sunday I was shooting the Jimmy Cake for State in town of and so I missed American Idol repeat. I was informed that Simon looked HOT though. (obviously)
OK back to work now........

Here are some photees from SPY

me, Lara, Rach, YoCo

The gorgeous Rachel Montague

Super hot actress Siobhan Lam

Amazing makeup artist Seana Long (who is also a babe)

Anto and Yoco

Brian and Anto


Nay said...

Aww, I feel your pain...just think it's all taking you to the point where you'll have your pick of double-thousand-dollar La Chapelle jobs at the rate of two or three a month...

I gotta point out the fuckin mad-looking wan in that big pic of Spy Bar lol :p

UnaRocks said...

awww, funsies!