Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On a shoot in Kerry...

flew over to Kerry yesterday for a shoot in Aghadoe Heights Hotel. What a lovely spot! We were to fly back that same evening so really had to rush on the shoot. It was a long day.... Got to the airport for our flight back to discover that there is a little delay of about 30 mins. That turned to one hour, then two hours and finally we flew with a 3 hour delay. And me and Martha had to fight the grumpy stupid ladys at the counter to get our food vouchers. I finally got home at around 11.30 and was soooooo tired. Just about enough energy to pack my gear as it was back to the airport for another early morning flight.. I think I had about 8 hours sleep in 3 days.

Hair and make up artist Isabel doing Martha's make-up

Isabel standing in for me (it was freeeeeeeeeeeeeezing)

our lovely suite (and thats only a section of it- it was massive)

it's a wrap!! just waiting for a taxi to the airport...

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