Monday, November 26, 2007

Spy.. Bebo Babes and Ham Sandwich

Busy weekend to say the least! Corina and I were shooting in SPY all day Friday. So happy with the shoot yaysies so it will be up shortly. I then just headed home to drop off my gear and headed back out to meet my college girlies for dins in good old Yamamori. Bento Box yumminess!! We then went for a few quite pints and Corina and Una joined us. We then called over to SPY for Dr. Lektroluv. Spy was just INSANE. It was sooooooooooooo jammers I have never seen anything like it. Saturday night should have really been spent sitting on the couch watching crap but instead, had to call up to Club M for the Irish Bebo Babes final. Congrats to Cheryl who won. She is gorgeous. Was also meant to shoot Ham Sandwich that evening in Whelans but couldnt make it because of Bebo Babes so on Sunday (again instead of being on the couch watching Corrie Omnibus) I had to go to the Village and shoot them at their all age show. I love Ham Sandwich so I didn't mind too much :)
Below is the scan of the Specsavers shoot I did aaaages ago which was in The Sunday World yesterday.


Nay said...

Hey, I was at The Village on Sunday too... I brought my kids for their first gig and they got to take some snaps! We only arrived in the middle of Hambo's second last song though... sorry we missed ya!

MissLili said...

I mustve been shooting from upstairs at that stage.. did some shots backstage after their gig and cought a tiny bit of the 2nd band and then left. Did you stay for everything?