Friday, October 05, 2007

no police for me

I can't make it tmrw night. It just won't work out.
I had two seperate opportunies to go check out the Police tomorrow but no. It will not happen as I am not in Dublin tomorrow. Iany got random VIP tickets off one of his suppliers with extra special corporate box seats and free drink reception. And who will not be there? me. Not fairsies!!
Then, MCD just rang me and asked could I shoot them. Instead, I shall be staying in watching crappy German tv and eating kartoffelsalat.


Eamo said...

shit i wish i could stay in and eat kartoffelsalat, but i just cant get out of going to the police with your boyfriend, bummer. i'll have a (free) beer for you lil.

Rojo said...

ah tough call!! You coulda played the live version drinking game to roxanne!!!! :P

MissLili said...


UnaRocks said...

eamo - so meansies!