Friday, September 14, 2007

does someone want to build my website for me?

I'm too tired and have no time.

If anyone has any spectacular ideas let me know (I need one that's easy to update myself and that looks hot)


Donncha said...

Use WordPress on your own host! There are loads of pre-built themes, and you can configure a lot of them with your own colours and headers.


MissLili said...

Been meaning to check out wordpress to see what the hype is all about.. I meant my actual website though ( it got deleted last week :-(

Gareth said...

If you want a bit of website advice, ya can drop me a mail, I do a couple of sites, and run a couple forums. You can mail electricpicnic [at] thefulloctave [dot] com. Ironically just currently designing a photography site at the moment.