Thursday, September 06, 2007

Becks Fusion Launch

just got back from this and just thought I'd put on a few shots whilst I pack my gear for a photoshoot in Co.Leitrim tmrw. So wrecked this week is non stop I feel like I haven't stopped since The Picnic.. and there is no stop in site. I will be back from Leitrim on Friday, for a quick stop at home and then right back on the road to Claire for Cois Fharraige still sunday. Will I survive this madness? Who knows.

Here are a few quick snaps of my homeboys the Kinetiks who rocked the village tonight! well done guys!
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And then of course, the most lovely Neosuper Tim.

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I have loads more, but unfortunately no time.


Colin said...

was wondering what your Leitrim connection is? I'm working with a newspaper in Leitrim, coiuldgive you some coverage if you're from these parts.

Colin said...

You can contact me on

Rojo said...

Did you ask people to move out of the way for the first kinetiks shot? It looks empty!! I've only been to a few gigs in the village, but it's like people are afraid to get to close to the stage!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Nice stuff you got, very fabulous pics.
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Many thanks