Thursday, August 23, 2007

behind the scenes yesterday

Did a very interesting photoshoot with hot hot hot Emma Q yesterday along with a few long friends... Here is amazing hairdresser Marjorie Mongan and fab makeup artist Lara Ford giving final touches.. photees up soon. It's been work work work non stop this week (I ain't complainin) but am also looking forward to the weekend. Also, tomorrow night the amazingness which is Thinkhouse PR is hosting the launch for Wrangler's THIS IS WANTED in South William- should be funsies. Who's going?

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me and snake!! yes it's real
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Marjorie and model Avril
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UnaRocks said...


Rojo said...

You look so at ease with the snake!!

MissLili said...

i got used to them after a while. ..except for when i was looking through my photees on the camera screen and thought someone was touching my shoulder and then turned around and got such a fright (and mini heart attack) when it was actually the snake