Thursday, April 05, 2007

some photees from last nite

Good buzz! Mary and Marita aka Maggot turned up which was so nice as I haven't seen them in ages. Also Burco, Killer and Hannah Eve so yay.

my photees
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me and Scary Mary
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The Killer
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Maggot, Ruth, Mathias, moi and Mary
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Hannah Eve
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PACMAN! I want it in my gaff. someone buy me a pacman machine pretty pleasies. (pacman machine... is that what its called? it sounds weird. Yesterday I could not for the life of me remember whether a helmet was called a helmet or a hemlet. first they both sounded weird. Then they both sounded right. Then I gave up. Then I decided it was hemlet. Then Ian told me it was helmet. aaaargh! now they both sound wrong again. And now I am going to shut up.
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Una said...

wish I could've gone.


Arsh said...

hey Lili looks like it went well! hopefully can make it to the next the oasis headband, i'll have a wee look and find out for you