Monday, April 30, 2007

Kate Moss collection launched

Frenzied fashion fans gathered outside Topshop on Oxford Street as Kate Moss's fashion collection hit the high street retailer's flagship store.
The crowd frantically took pictures on mobile phones and cameras during the brief show as the supermodel posed alongside mannequins in the shop window for around 10 seconds dressed in a long red dress worn with a belt.

A few minutes later the model enjoyed a glass of champagne inside the store and chatted to Sir Philip Green, billionaire boss of Arcadia Group, of which Topshop is a part.

Sir Philip walked Kate towards the collection as the first batch of 150 shoppers rushed in for their 20 minutes viewing.

Describing the launch, Sir Philip said: "It is exciting. It wouldn't be here if we didn't believe in it. This is about building a business. This is about whether we can build something that is real."

Commenting on Kate's designs, he said: "Her style is different."

Each batch of 150 shoppers was allowed to browse for 20 minutes after which they could buy up to five different items. A £45 floral pansy print dress was one of the most popular items.

Customers were allowed to try on a maximum of eight items and buy five to discourage shoppers selling on eBay.


view the look book here


Una said...

I'm really disappointed with the pieces I've seen so far. What's the point in buying them when everybody is going to be wearing them?

MissLili said...

also skinny jeans and waistcoats are a bit last year...

Anonymous said...

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