Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ze veekend.

stole the prose from Una cuz I'm too lazy to write it out and since it was all there already... I just changed the relevant bits obviously.

On Friday night, I went for a drinky with Una and Sarah in South William Bar via a slice in Di Fontaines. Una got a mysterious drunken call from Roisin who was her gaff playing SingStar. We forgot about it, and we trundled down to Thomas Reeds, joined by Corina.

Shoe twins!! (random person's shoes)

Sarah's shoes!

After inventing a new drink (red bull + shot of vodka + splash of whiskey) me, Corina and Una went back to Una's gaff to play Sing Star (Sarah had to go surfing in the morning so she went homesies). Corina had just bought a new Sing Star - Sing Star Party - AMAZING.

So there we were singing away and drinking vodka and blackcurrant when a pissed off neighbour bashed on the door and told us to shut up. "Whatever," we thought. An hour later, someone else banged on the door, screaming at us to open it. Of course, we just thought it was another disgruntled building dweller, but it was in fact, two Gardai, who had been sent to shut us up following complaint calls to Kevin St station. OOPSIE.

that shut us up alrite.

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