Sunday, February 18, 2007


I constantly get hits to my site from various message boards where models/actors look for a photogrpaher and someone then suggests me and puts a link to my site. Fab! So I stupidly thought to myself, why not put a thread on with a few photees and link to my site, so if someone looks, they can find me right a way.
but no

You have been banned for the following reason:
advertising is not free on

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

A bit harsh I think.


Rojo said...

that's a bit bent... Not even a warning?

Una said...

that's dumb. They should've just removed the post and email you.

Kind regards,


rymus said...

maybe instead you could have joined, actively contributed to the board and put a link to your site in your account signature?

Just joining to post a link to an external site is spamming/advertising/link whoring or whatever you want to call it. Whoever banned you obviously thought you were just looking to spam or trying to get some free advertising.

Don't mean to sound like an asshole, come back and contribute maybe...

Anonymous said...

rymus is exactly what the site is all about. A load of arse's with nothing better to do than create their own fantasy rules and object when it suits them.

Avoid, you'll be better of having a future that's not connected to them.

kirstie said...

they did the exact same thing to us when we launched

I thouht it was really OTT as well.