Sunday, February 04, 2007

*The Hacker*

Did a kids fashion shoot with the wonderful kids from BScene on Saturday. So easy to work with and such cuuuutsies. Once they are in print I will put them up.
Saturday night went to check out Anthony's gig The Hacker in Temple Bar Music Centre after chilling out with Burco back at her gaff. As everyone knows, I'm not into techno whatsoever. But each time I attend a Remedy night, I decide to become a technohead! It was awesome and much partying was done by all. It was then back to a session at Una's gaff afterwards, via Sprangers Yard to pick up SingStar. I always get so excited to play, and then once the competition starts, I remember that I can't do it because I never have my glasses on me so cannot read the lyrics to the songs. GGRRR. I came home as Ian was leaving to go to work...
Today I am tired.

Michel aka The Hacker

the gang backstage at the music centre
anto, me, vogue, neil, corina, una, razor

this horsie took us home

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