Friday, January 12, 2007

Irish Blog Awards

Nominations are now open for the Irish Blog Awards.
Why don't you nominate me for best photo blog?
go on you know you want to.
nominate here.


Donal said...

Damn, you do take lots of photees! Fantastic stuff here. Consider yourself nominated.

Dan NME said...


Best of luck. I must say i'm a total fan of your fashion work, and those HWCH's shots were quality.

Una said...

done and done

MissLili said...

yaysies! thanks :-D

Jennifer said...

Hi Lili, I don't normally email strangers on line!!..but I just LOVE your work. Delighted to nominate you. Very best of luck,


MissLili said...

thanks so much :-)

Ronan Johns said...


Best of luck!

(you have it in the bag... ;-) )

Elizabeth ! said...

How could i NOT nominate you? that would be carayzay your just too good a photographer !

good luck ... not that you will need it