Monday, November 06, 2006

yaaay my internet is back

it was down all weekend which was just awful for an internet nerd like me.
haven't updated for a week due to no time actually...
on Thurs eve, after shooting gorgeous rugby player Filipe Contempomi, went to the Stags Head for a few quiet pints with Ian and Corina. Then we thought we'd call up to Anthony over in Bia Bar where King Britt was playing some cool tunes. Then, we had the most fantastic idea of calling up to Marky Sparky who was DJing in Club M. Corina had never been there before so she was extremely excited. We busted some moves like beyonce and of course ended up in the best restaurant in town- Ricks Burgers where Corina felt the need speak into their loudspeaker reading out the numbers. Did a photoshoot with The Gudmen on Friday eve which was fun and then had a horrible flu-ey weekend where I slept a lot, and watched Corrie Omnibus and XFactor.

The Gudmen

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