Saturday, October 14, 2006

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY it's finally Saturday,

chill out central. it's been mad hectic all week with work, exhibition stress-ness (my prints still didn't arrive) and visitors coming and going. Went to check out the Toys for Big Boys launch in the Laughter Lounge on Wednesday. There was a fashion show in a boxing ring which was awesome (woohooo to BsceneTheAgency) and free booze which was also nice. Then the football started, and the free booze ended. which wasn't so nice as no seats and just general crappy vibe. So we all just went next door to watch the match where we could sit down. The lack of food at the launch also forced our visit to Eddie Rockets for a massive CheezePleasies and choc choc shakes. MMMMMMM.
HWCH this weekend great vibes in town (expect for when we walked past Eamonn Dorans and saw a guy with his head smashed open and blood everywhere and cops and fire brigade and drunks. but other than that it was great) Checked out a bit of the Immediate and the Beat Poets. Tried to check out Future Kings of Spain but the music centre was way too packed and hot and gross. Lost and Kill City Defectors tonight!

Kate who I shot last week.

model Ariadna at the Toys for Big Boys fashion show.

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