Monday, September 04, 2006

Fun Times at the Electric Picnic. Post #1

had great fun at electric picnic this weekend. very chilled, such a great festival, and so well designed. those of us who were lucky enough to chill at the VIP area enjoyed the mini tipis with rugs, yummy brownies at the coffee stand, stairs going up to a little area where you could view the main stage, and best of all flushy toilets incl toilet paper and handwash and also mirros (amazing). It's the little things which matter at a festival: mushroom shaped wooden stools, huge butterflies and decorations in the trees, cushions and beanie bags to sit back on, pretty lights in the woods, hammocks, secret areas between the trees with tiny stages to chill at and listen to tunes, silent disco (very surreal. so much fun), friendly security and just general good vibes.

Who rocked at Electric Picnic:
Michael Franti, Dolorentos, Bloc Party, Basement Jaxx, New Order, YEAH YEAH YEAHS ! ! ! (photees to follow)

Who didn't:
Belle and Sebastian

una and meadser

AAARGH! he stole our only toilet backstage while the proper flushy toilets were out of order. This dilemma lasted for about one hour, but then everything was fixed.

O.M.G. Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
other celebs on site included Kelly Osbourne (who got married in the inflatable church), Glenda Gilson and Claudine Palmer and some other heads which aren't really that important to mention.

Sarah with cute man.

Una with pirates

sarah's car wouldn't start when we woke up on Saturday morn. After a mini panic attack, the lads 'next door' rescued us.

waiting for Karen O to strutt her stuff............. amazing.

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