Thursday, May 25, 2006

RHCP rip off Tom Petty??

(got this from a myspace bulletin post)

Rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been accused of plagiarism by a radio station in the US.

The station WGMD, based in Delaware, has produced compelling evidence that the band's new single 'Dani California' is a rip-off of the Tom Petty track 'Mary Jane's Last Dance'.

The show's producer Jared Morris said "The chord progression, the melody, the tempo, the key, the lyrical theme...they're identical."

The presenter of The Morning Show has produced an MP3 example of the two tracks to help people make up their own minds.

listen to the debate here:

any opinions anyone?


Una said...

their new album is the shittest thing ever. ugh.

MissLili said...

i don't agree.

Una said...

me angy now

MissLili said...

its totally number one in the uk and ireland according to the dance commanders press release