Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just read Una's blog for last nite shenanigans:

Running around / robbing banks / whacked out / scoobie snack

One of those nights. After retail therapy (new shoes yay), Corina, Lili and I headed off on the bus to Naas - vodka and lucozade in hand to see the rockin Kill City Defectors support the Fun Lovin Criminals in giant club TIME. When we got off the bus, things almost fell apart. Desperate for bathrooms and not knowing where the club was, we ended up vodka redbulling it in a pub - Ned Kellys - before eventually unearthing the cavernous venue. Then there was a problem with the guestlist, which was sorted out with apologies. The boys rocked it. Then we met Mark, Iano's brother who DJs at the club. so nice. The night flew by until we realised that we were fucking stranded in Naas! Obviously not the most prepared girlies in the world. The Fun Lovin Criminals became our knights in shiney shiney armour and rescued us via a serious tour bus party back to Dublin. Heineken, good tunes, loungin. Rock. Back in town, we headed to the afterparty in Voodoo with the Criminals. In the back room (Sarah, now I realise where The Beat afterparty was - flashback central!) there were a bunch of heads partying - don't worry, I won't name drop, but more importantly, us three muskateers. Huey and co demanded mojitos, but when I got to the bar, the barman was 'too busy' (bullshit) so we had to settle for Coronas and whiskey (almost the same). It got boring after a while, I think because there were no tunes, or something weird. So we went to get pizza before Lili tottered off home (in the wrong direction) and Corina and I headed for Sprangers Yard

Corina, me and Una on our way to Naas!

Kill City Defectors kicked some serious ass

the hottest guy in the universe.

this was in the smoking section which was completely illegal

Tourbus party to Dublin. from now on all photos are blurry.

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