Saturday, January 14, 2006

worst job EVER

I still get sending me emails every nite.... well I came across this job... All you makeup artists out there- PLEASE. don't do it. however tempted you are. this one is a no.

Blooms Hotel / Club M Read our profile
Anglesea St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
01 671 5622
01 671 5997

Are you a Make up artist/beautician/hair dresser?Looking for extra cash, Look at this!
Club M which has recently been renovated, now features a make up area in its Ladies Toilets. Equipped with Brown Leather Seating, Large Mirrors and numerous plug sockets in a well lit area.

Following requests from several customers we are looking for someone to establish a part time business offering the following services:

Hair Straightening
Make Up Touch Ups
Nail Repair
Perfume sales
The candidate will be willing to work under their own initiative, setting a price list for the services offered. All proceeds will be kept by you. You will be supervised by the Clubs Management, but will be seen as a sub vendor thus not receive a basic wage from the club. We believe that the demand for this service is sufficient to make it a worth while venture. Due to it being the first position of its kind, all persons will be required to work a nights trial.

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