Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hello From Germania land

Got back from Cork last nite only to start packing again for a little Dusseldorf trip. I am wrecked from all the travelling. Cork went well (although very stressful) but Corina and I managed to do a kick ass shoot (well, so far my mammy likes the photos). Here are my last two covers for Cork and GalwayNow.

And here is a page of a little Prudence editorial I did quite a while back but is only published now. It was for TopShop To Go.

I was meant to go see the brilliant [LOST] guys with Una, Corina and Sarah but when I got back from Cork I just packed my bags and crashed. I know these guys are gonna get famous pretty soon as they are damn good. Here is my fave song
This Conversation Never happened

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