Saturday, September 24, 2005

Kate Moss is so irresponsible

Una Mullally Reports

Jesus Christ Kate. You are so irresponsible. Splashed all over the Mirror snorting lines off a CD case (which, by the way contained an unmixed Babyshambles album.) How terribly irresponsible, partying all night, why why why did you have to go get caught? Now look what's happening. Newspapers doing backflips admonishing their own drug habits and replacing them with sanctimonious lectures about someone who has more cool in their septum then they'll learn in a life time. How terribly irresponsible. With fashion week in NYC underway, and London about to kick off, surely this was an orchestrated gossip mill ready to be lashed into action. That's what EVERYONE will be talking about as they rub the bits they missed on their gums over the porcelain white of a toilet at the new Nobu (little known fact - toilets are white to make coke difficult to find. Buy a black toilet.) "Snffffff...seriously though...poor fucking" "yeah...phhhfffff...I know...fucking nightmare." So as we all run after one of the only stars on the planet, the poor bitch is forced to do what no partier does. Apologise.
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