Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I finally managed to get a copy of Totally Dublin.. Woooo it's all very exciting. Got a little mention in the editorial which is lovely: "Another remarkable rendezvous occured right here in Dublin. As the Hard Working Class Heroes festival is coming up, we gathered some of the city's most interesting new artists for a photo shoot. And guess what, as pure coincidence would have it, they all turned up decked out in the colour of innocence. "Wow, thats symbolic" we thought, and handed the camera to Lili Forberg. This you can find on pages 14 to 17. Enjoy." - Peter Steen - Christensen.


Abu said...

The first of many! and thats killians friend from redneck!
Agh! you rock.
Email me, I miss ya!

Anonymous said...

hey lili! congrats on the cover and photospread, picked up a copy in doyles earlier and it looks great :D


cor said...

Hey dude!
looks rad! i never use that word rad but i think i mite drop it into further conversations! must pick up a copy asap xx