Saturday, August 27, 2005

HWCH Friday

Niall James Hoolahoops (I don't think this is funny, I just REALLY don't know how to speel his name) in Pravda.

Fair Verona in Spirit. They were totally awesome. And I know every photographer there took the exact same feets photo.

Idlewild in the Olympia.

Me and Una are so happy to go to HWCH that we had to do a little dance.

Us being extremely sexy.

Fred in TBMC (why do I see them every time when I don't even like them). I must also mention that this fantastic photo is by Miss Mullally.

John! Yay! Sack. (TBMC)

Rulers of The planet were right after Sack. They were mental as usual except that now I totally hate them (not really, but yes totally) because singer dude decided it would be cool to kick my lens mid song. VERY uncool and UNrock n roll. Dumbass. (It would've been cool if I got a shot of him doing it, but my battery was dying and so my camera was kinda sleepy)

The Mighty Stef in the Hub. He was MIGHTY !


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