Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hard Working Class Heroes Festival this weekend!!

taken from hwch.net
Once again, the Hard Working Class Heroes festival will acknowledge the creativity of the music photographer with its exhibition of music photography.Some of Ireland's top music photographers will be displaying their works in Filmbase in the heart of Temple Bar for the duration of the 3 day festival. With a music industry often so driven by image, you will get to see the images, which represent Irelands exploding number of underground and emerging bands.Expect to see works from the likes of: Lili Forberg, Aisling O'Neill, Enda Casey, Graham Smith, James Goulden and many more.

Should be a rockin weekend!! The highlight will definitely be
The Bleedin Bleedins 11.20 @ The Hub.
Another highlight is the photo exhibition happening downstairs in FilmBase. I decided not to display live festival photos from last year, or any press stuff I did for various bands... So go check it out!!! In the meantime, here are some pix of the bands I really enjoyed last year:

Rulers Of The Planet live @ The Hub

The Chakras live @ The Hub

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