Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Shot some Hard Working Class Heroes for Totally Dublin today. Crazeeee shoot. We had 8 people in one shot and 10 people in the other. they are each going on a double page spread. and three lads for the cover. (Neosupervital being one of them! RAWK!) Had the guys totally beating each other up it was hillarious. V. Nervous about picking up the slides tomorrow incase I fucked everything up lighting wise. (I don't think I have but I always expect the worse).
Here's Con posing for my lighting test. PS// I booked LONDON to see Jess YAY !! Going on August 19th for the weekend with Iany also. Me and Jess are gonna do an awesome shoot including lots of very huge sweeties (A la Vogue July issue with Lily Cole) Can't wait!!