Monday, July 25, 2005

I suck at writing

and Una describes last nite perfectly:

Last night, Lili and I didn't know what to do. The highlights from Oxegen were on MTV, we had a case of Heineken and Big Brother to watch, little money and tiredness. But we decided, fuck it, lets go out. We ended up in a pub we didn't want to be in before wandering back to Temple Bar and stubbling upon some weird outdoor Flemish movie where everybody kept bitching about someone called "madame Babbette" we left because of liquid gold laughs. What happened next was a few hours sitting on a path in Temple Bar realising why some people like Dublin. There were a few people drumming, some amazing dancers and people just hanging out and spontaneously getting up to dance. After a long while, it turned into a full on cobblestoned disco, and stopping for the police to drive through, or for a few giant drops of rain, didn't halt it. We left a while later feeling as if something had happened. It was better than becoming couch digest. (from Una's Blog)

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