Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Good Day.

Got the pdf of the layout from Totally Dublin. It's looking good. I would have chosen a different shot for the cover but I'm sure it will look ok. Can't wait to see it in print. Think it's out next week. Did some shots at LAMakeup Academy. Some interesting shots there. Here's one.

It's such a small industry. Robert Doyle came in after me to take photos of the student shots. I did work experience with him and Mark a few years ago. I shot my first ever model while I was with them. madness.

Shooting for Prudence again tomorrow. Didn't exactly catch what the shoot was about. Something about make overs. Dunno. Will find out tomorrow.

Iany is doing a Super Furry Animals interview that Una can't make it for, for Alternative Ulster. Was gonna go up and take some photos but now I don't know if I can make it. Interview is at 5.30- dunno till when I'll be with Prudence.


Mark said...

Great blog....Fantastic pictures....I am jealous....! x

MissLili said...

Ahhh, thank you so much. Will be checking your blog too! Lili

Una said...

cool make up photees lili

Princess said...

That is a fucking fabulous photo!!!!!!!!!