Monday, April 11, 2005

Yesterdaze Vintage Glamour

put this series up on foto_decadent and got some lovely comments. my confidence is a bit low after the whole Prudence thing, so at least I know my pictures aren't crap.

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comments so far are:

beautiful. i love the colors. i need to snatch that outfit from #1 and put it on me now, hehe.

aww. lovely.


they're vintage...i absolutely love these :D

what a breathtaking skirt.

the colors! so pretty! i love the shoes and would love to wear that first outfit.[i think a classier vintage up-do for the model's hair would have worked better though.]


Beautiful, I adore vintage!!! Love the shoes and the skirt in the first photo

Finally. Clothing that I would enjoy wearing.

I love the second photograph. The washed out feel + vibrant reds are a perfect mix.

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