Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Prudence came back !

Last two days have been good. Bit of a session after my test with Dominique (photees to follow- had no time to even look at them yet) Had a fantastic meeting with Derek (Assets boss) who basically told me I was very brilliant and will start paying me after a few more tests. And today, after I completely gave up on Prudence, got a call from Alanna who gave me a studio shoot for the next issue instead of the festival shoot which they want to shoot on slide. Very happy with this.

Iany's birthday today (happy birthday baby!) Got him a sexy black acoustic guitar which he loves.

Some shots of Dominique from Assets. I am NOT responsible for hair & make up. I would've toned it down a bit (did try to) Turns out that Dominique is Naomi's sister. How weird. Rose-painting shots to follow.

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